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Italian restaurant on New Oxford Street in Holborn. It's the second branch of the original on Cloth Fair in Smithfield.

Like its sister branch, it's completely vegetarian. Vegan and optionally-vegan dishes (including vegan pizzas) are clearly marked on the menu, as are those that are or can be made gluten-free.

bob visited on a Tuesday lunchtime in February 2013. When I arrived shortly before 1pm there was only one other table seated, but the place filled up during my visit. No music was playing, just the noise of conversation.

I went for the special lunch menu, which offers three courses for £10 photo, starting with the pickled vegetable, cucumber, and rocket salad photo. The veg were pickled quite nicely, and the rocket was fresh.

My main was an oven-baked potato served with cannellini bean ragout photo. This was perfectly decent; the potato was cooked well, and as I'd asked for the vegan option they used olive oil instead of butter to dress it before adding the ragout.

For dessert I had the fruit salad photo; this normally comes with chocolate "crunchies" based on popped rice, but I asked for it without the chocolate and they happily gave it to me with plain crunchies instead. My waiter was careful to make sure I knew that the chocolate was vegan, in case that was why I was asking for it to be left off. The end result was interesting, and I quite liked it.

Both of the two waitstaff on duty were very attentive. Tap water was explicitly offered, though I chose a bottle of mineral water instead (£2.95).

On a visit in May 2013 I had the Pizza Bellini vegan option (£7) photo, which was nice and thin. I wasn't entirely convinced by the rice milk mozzarella, but the aubergines were nicely cooked. I also had the vegan cheese board (£8) photo which came with toasted bread and marmalade. The cheeses were interestingly flavoured albeit a bit dull texture-wise.

bob's verdict: I've been back and would go again.

Accessibility: A step to get in. No steps to the toilets once you're in, and most of the seating is also on the same level (some is up on a dais). It's quite cramped inside.

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Last visited by Kake and friend, July 2013. Opening hours taken from the Amico Bio website, March 2013.

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