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* [http://web.archive.org/web/20090323030128/http://barblog.co.uk/london/borough-and-southwark/all-bar-one-waterloo-london/ Barblog review]
* [http://barblog.co.uk/london/borough-and-southwark/all-bar-one-waterloo-london/ Barblog review]
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Branch of the All Bar One chain just a few moments' walk from the London Eye.

Kake and doop visited on a Monday night around 8pm; it wasn't too crowded and we got a table without too much trouble. (Lorna says it can get rather crowded at other times.) Unfortunately the music was just slightly too loud for comfortable conversation.

Leffe was £1.85 for somewhere in the region of 300ml. I wanted a cocktail but they didn't seem to offer very many. They do food (which we didn't try as we were on our way somewhere else) — main dishes around £7–8 for main courses. They also offer some interesting-sounding “world tapas” — I wish I'd taken notes, because they really did sound interesting, but I've forgotten all the details now — starting at £4.50 for one plate, with the prices going down the more plates you order. I suspect the menu might be chain-wide, which is good since it means I have more chance of getting to try it. (Prices/details as of Jan 2007.)

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