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A charming little old-fashioned wine bar in Shepherd's Bush, which is otherwise a fairly charmless area for drinking. It's also a wine shop, and most bottles are available for off-licence sale, but even drinking in isn't too expensive.

The space inside is tightly-packed with small rickety wooden tables and ageing wooden benches, mostly seating two to three, but there are one or two larger tables and a booth by the window. However, it maintains a lovely ambience and the staff are friendly and helpful.

As a bar primarily, the wine is the understandable focus of their trade. The easy-drinking reds start at around £12.50 a bottle and a single page selection of their favourite red and white wines covers bottles up to £25 (with more expensive ones also available on subsequent pages of the wine menu). All the wines are very drinkable, and Ewan has had nothing here that hasn't been very tasty.

There's a small food menu on a chalkboard which changes regularly. It includes small plates like olives and pitta & hummous, as well as a cheese board (three cheeses for £6.50 with plentiful bread and crackers) and a separate board lists the available cheeses. Larger plates are available and are generally pretty decent and not too expensive.

Ewan's verdict: This is one of the best places for a drink in the vicinity of Westfield and Shepherd's Bush Green, and I'd happily return if I were in the area.

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Last visited by Ewan and friends, 5 November 2009. Opening hours taken from Time Out review, November 2009.

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