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Greasy spoon cafe on London Road in Croydon.

It's a fairly typical greasy spoon, less upmarket than Golden Chefs Cafe down the road. The chairs are blue plastic, the tables are covered in beige formica, and the frontage is basically all window. Large mirrors line one wall, and a couple of plants sit in large pots in a corner by the window. There's seating for 36 people (9 tables of 4) in the front part and a further 24 up some stairs at the back.

Kake has visited several times, most recently on a Thursday lunchtime in March 2016. There were only two or three other customers when I arrived around 12:30pm. Service was friendly (though it should be noted that the staff recognise me now, so that might be part of it).

Egg and bacon roll photo was fine, with a creamy (but not runny) yolk on the egg, decent enough bacon, and a soft roll with a gently crackly crust.

Accessibility: A step to get in. Fairly wide aisle between the door and the counter. The chairs are fixed to the tables, but the table-chair combination is not fixed to the floor. The toilet (and some of the seating) is up some stairs to the back.

Last visited by Kake, March 2016.

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