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  1. Anglesey Arms, BR1 3JX
  2. Barrel And Horn, BR1 1PW
  3. Bricklayers Arms, BR2 9HW
  4. Bromley Cafe, BR1 1EA
  5. Bromley North Station
  6. Bromley Picturehouse
  7. Bromley South Station
  8. Lush, Bromley
  9. Minns
  10. Nick's Cafe, BR1 1TS
  11. Partridge, BR1 1HE
  12. Peking Diner, BR1 5AA
  13. Prince Frederick, BR1 4DE
  14. Red Lion, BR1 3LG
  15. Richmal Crompton, BR1 1DS
  16. Sanxia, BR1 1NZ
  17. Shortlands Station
  18. Shortlands Tavern, BR2 0EY
  19. Star And Garter, BR1 1NZ
  20. Sundridge Park Station
  21. Tamasha, BR1 3AX
  22. Unico, BR1 1JY
  23. Vue Bromley

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