Picture of Wonderful Patisserie, NW9 6LH

Wonderful Patisserie, NW9 6LH

  • Hyde House Annex, The Hyde, Edgware Road

Wonderful Patisserie was a patisserie and cafe in Colindale. It has now closed and been replaced by a small outpost of the chain in Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall just up the road.

As of September 2017 the furniture remains inside photo taken through window and there's a sign in the window photo claiming that it's just closed for refurbishment and will be opening again soon, but a staff member at the Bang Bang branch confirmed to us that it won't be reopening.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

A patisserie and cafe in Colindale, previously located in Oriental City. They have another branch on Gerrard Street in Chinatown.

Inside, there's a fair bit of seating, a freestanding display of sweet and savoury Chinese bakery items, an ice cream freezer, a display counter of decorated cakes, another display counter with various flavours of mochi, and a few shelves of snacks and sweets (including fried snack seaweed and pocky). You can buy the pastries and things to eat in or take away. They also do various drinks including teh tarik (pulled tea) and pearl milk tea (bubble tea).

Kake visited in September 2009 and tried various pastries (fine) as well as two flavours of mochi; chocolate (bland, not very chocolatey) and peanut butter with brown sugar (tasty). I was specifically looking for pork floss buns, but they don't seem to sell them. I liked the mix and match nature of the mochi counter though, with each piece priced individually (starting around 80p).

They seem to also do hot food, judging by these photos on Flickr.

Accessibility: Three steps up just inside the front door. Didn't check the toilets.

Last visited by Kake, September 2009.
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