Using Photos From Flickr

Lots and lots of lovely photographers have put up and tagged photos of London things on Flickr, and many of these are under a Creative Commons licence that allows re-use in other places.

To find a Flickr photo for RGL

To restrict a Flickr search to Creative Commons photos only, either do your search and then add "&l=cc" to the end of the URL, or use Flickr's advanced search page and tick the appropriate box at the bottom.

To add a Flickr photo to RGL

  • Choose the "Actions" menu just above the photo, then "View all sizes", and then "Small" from the list of available sizes. Copy the URL of the download link (not the page that you're on! The link itself), and put that in the "URL of image" field; this image, at this size, will show up on the page itself.
  • Put the photographer's Flickr ID in the "Name of image copyright holder" field.
  • Find the URL of the specific Creative Commons licence for that photo — this is the "Some Rights Reserved" link on the right-hand side of the main photo page — and put it in the "URL of image licence" field.
  • Put the URL of the main Flickr page for that photo in the "URL of image's info page" field.

This may sound a bit complicated but once you've done it once it's quite easy. Check a page that already has a Flickr image on it (e.g. Angel, SE16 4NB) if you want to check you're doing it right (click on "Edit this page" to see how the fields are filled out, then "Cancel edit" to go back to the page as it was).

Non-Creative-Commons photos

The exception to the Creative Commons requirement is if you took the photo yourself, or if you have explicit permission from the photographer to use the photo in RGL. In this case, just leave the "URL of image licence" field blank, and put "Name (used by permission)" in the "Name of image copyright holder" field.

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