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Tas Pide, SE1 9DR

This Turkish restaurant is part of a small chain, each of which offers a small variation on consistent themes both in the menu and the decor. This one, just round the corner from the Globe theatre, has a similar style of Turkish cuisine to the others in the chain but specialises in pide, which is a Turkish variation on pita bread: pocketless and with toppings. It's a bit like a Turkish version of pizza. Tas adds a small lip to the edge of the pide, the better to hold the toppings.

This specialisation makes Tas Pide possibly the most interesting venue in the chain, which otherwise offers pleasant but unextraordinary traditional Turkish food. There is a range of pide toppings, both traditional and original, and they come pre-sliced, making it easy for a group to try out and share different options. itsbruce doesn't think all of the toppings are very successful.

As with the others in the Tas chain, there are plentiful vegetarian options and there are well-planned set menus for a range of budgets (from £8.75 to £19 per head, as of October 2008). The food in general is not as good as in the other venues and the service is also much patchier, with some of the staff being forgetful and impatient.

The decor, while similar in the others in the chain (that is, stylish and evocative of traditional Turkish design) is more daring than the others. Another difference is that the kitchen is visible over a counter-top that runs down one side of the room. The low tables and chairs of the chain are present (tall diners be warned) and it is a bit more cramped than the other venues.

This is a busy venue: advance booking recommended.

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Last visited by itsbruce and Jen, 28 August 2011. Opening hours taken from the Tas website, November 2008.
OS X co-ord: 532214 OS Y co-ord: 180486 (Latitude: 51.507847 Longitude: -0.096266)
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