Picture of Organico, KT19 8EB

Organico, KT19 8EB

Vegetarian/organic cafe, coffee shop, deli, and grocery shop in Epsom.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves along one wall are packed full with herbal teas, jams, oatcakes, grains, Japanese products, pasta, and so on. At the back are fridges with dairy products, dairy substitutes, deli items such as olives and sundried tomatoes, and several types of tofu. Fresh fruit and vegetables are on offer back here too.

Opposite the grocery shelves is a service counter where pre-made sandwiches are laid out ready for heating in a panini press. They also do smoothies and juices photo of menu in July 2017 as well as breakfast and lunch "bowls" consisting of various sweet ingredients with or without the addition of grains and seeds photo of menu in July 2017.

The cafe seating area is at the front; four small sturdy wooden tables seating two people each, with two more just outside the front door and a covered seating area further into the town square.

Kake visited on a Tuesday lunchtime in July 2017. There were four other eat-in customers when I arrived, with others in and out getting takeaways. Music was playing, not too loud, but there was an annoying beep from some piece of machinery or other.

I went for a (vegetarian) cheese and (vegan) ham toasted sandwich (£4.50) photo, which also included fresh spinach and tomatoes, a smear of pesto, and a creamy sauce that might have been mayo. The ham and pesto definitely tasted like vegan substitutes rather than the real thing, but the sandwich as a whole did a good job of overcoming that, and I'd order it again. The side salad was also good, with varied leaves and other ingredients, and decently dressed.

Drink-wise, they specialise in coffee (and indeed the sound and smell of the coffee machine permeated the place while I was there), but they also have several teas on offer, most of them herbal. All the teas that are available hot are also available iced; not made in advance, but simply brewed as normal and then quick-chilled by adding plenty of ice. Raspberry iced tea (£1.50) was fine, though a fairly small serving.

Kake's verdict: I'd come back.

Accessibility: A short ramp to get in. No obvious customer toilet.

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Last visited by Kake, July 2017. Opening hours taken from Facebook page, July 2017.
OS X co-ord: 520741 OS Y co-ord: 160750 (Latitude: 51.333033 Longitude: -0.268216)
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