Kerala Restaurant, W1W 8LT

  • 15 Great Castle Street, W1W 8LT

Kerala Restaurant was a South Indian restaurant near Oxford Circus. According to Google Street View, it closed down by July 2012.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

South Indian restaurant near Oxford Circus, just off Regent Street.

Martin visited on a Friday lunchtime in November 2007 and tried the lunch buffet (£7), which was very good. Often, lunch buffets can be a bit hit and miss, but here the food was perfectly cooked, without any of the oiliness sometimes found in Indian buffets. There are always four vegetarian dishes and one non-vegetarian on the buffet: on the day I visited, there was mong dal, potato in a creamy sauce, a dry carrot dish, and a mixed vegetable curry, with kofte (meatball) curry as the non-vegetarian dish, plus rice. The five dishes covered a wide range of styles, with some dry and some with sauce, different levels of heat, and different flavours.

All of the food was what I would categorise as mild to very mild on the heat scale. This may be due to the dishes being on a buffet, where hotter dishes would have the potential to take unwary diners by surprise.

Note that the £7 buffet does not include starter or dessert. There are starters and desserts available on a table to the left of the main dishes, but if you take any of them you will be charged extra. (Sorry, forgot to check exactly how much - I think it was around £2 for starters and £2 for desserts.) I didn't try these.

They added 12.5% service to the bill even though it was a buffet, so the full price for lunch was £7.80.

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Last visited by Martin, November 2007.
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