Picture of Hisar, SE22 8EP

Hisar, SE22 8EP

Turkish restaurant on Lordship Lane. Does very good food.

bob visited on a Thursday evening in December 2007. The hummus (just under £2) was just about right; not too fine yet not too bitty either. The calamari (about £3) were possibly slightly underdone but none the less quite good. The pitta bread had obviously been somewhere near the charcoal grill because it had a wonderful smoky flavour.

The mixed grill at about £8 was fantastic. All the meat was really well cooked and had a delightful smoky flavour.

The baklava was adequate.

The wine list is limited. The one Turkish wine (~£13) was very drinkable. The house red was reasonably priced at under £10.

bob would certainly go here again. It might even be worth the trek down to Lordship Lane.

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Last visited by bob, December 2007.
OS X co-ord: 533851 OS Y co-ord: 175046 (Latitude: 51.458574 Longitude: -0.074752)
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