Picture of Grain Shop, W11 1LR

Grain Shop, W11 1LR

A vegetarian/vegan takeaway on Portobello Road.

It offers rolls, salads, schnitzels, bread, biscuits, flapjacks and cakes but the true glory of the place is the takeaway lunch boxes, which are available from noon onwards. These come in standard (£4) and large (£5.20) sizes and are filled with your selection from the many trays of hot, freshly prepared vegetarian dishes (rice dishes, tofu stir-fries, bean chilli, dahl, steamed cabbage and greens etc). You can have your lunch container closed or open: I recommend open, because then they will keep piling food into the tray until you ask them to stop or the food starts falling off the side, whichever comes first. The standard box is a very filling, healthy meal for the average-sized person.

The food here is all very tasty, healthy and well prepared. Highly recommended by itsbruce who knows several committed carnivores who love the food from the Grain Shop.

Note: the Grain Shop has an arrangement with the Mau Mau bar a few doors down, whereby you can take your lunch to the bar and eat it there.

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