Picture of Gerrard's Corner, W1D 6QW

Gerrard's Corner, W1D 6QW

Dim sum restaurant in Chinatown, on the corner of Wardour Street and Gerrard Street.

Kake and Richard visited on a Thursday lunchtime in July 2010. Dumplings in chilli sauce (紅油水餃/hóng yóu shuǐ jiǎo) photo were pretty good, with a nice bit of spiciness to them. Glutinous rice in lotus leaf (糯米雞/nuò mǐ jī) photo was also good; the chicken was on the bone and quite tasty. Tripe with ginger and spring onion (薑蔥牛柏葉/jiāng cōng niú bǎi yè) was very good, not even slightly rubbery and with a very clean taste.

The pastries photo were just as good. We tried the deep fried turnip puff pastry (蘿蔔絲酥餅/luó bo sī sū bǐng), the crispy barbecued pork puff pastry (蔥油叉燒酥/cōng yóu chā shāo sū), and the egg tarts (迷你雞蛋撻/mí nǐ jī dàn tà) — they all had nicely flaky pastry and were served slightly warm, as they should be.

Service was fine, and tea was refilled promptly.

Kake's verdict: Would happily come back.

Accessibility: Two or three steps up to get in. Not sure about toilets.

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Last visited by Kake and Richard, July 2010.
OS X co-ord: 529730 OS Y co-ord: 180811 (Latitude: 51.510831 Longitude: -0.130338)
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