Picture of Chuen Cheng Ku, W1D 6PN

Chuen Cheng Ku, W1D 6PN

  • 17 Wardour Street

Chuen Cheng Ku was a Chinese restaurant just off Shaftesbury Avenue. It has now closed. As of April 2014 the premises are up for let photo.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

Chinese restaurant just off Shaftesbury Avenue. Note that it's pretty big and has two entrances; one is on Wardour Street (pictured on this page) and the other is on Rupert Street (see photo).

Note: According to klyeoh on Chowhound, Chuen Cheng Ku has closed down as of November 2012, but we haven't verified this yet.

According to the Chuen Cheng Ku website as of November 2009, dim sum is served 11am-6pm Mon-Sun. They have menus on the tables that you can order from, but (at lunchtime, at least) they also have the trollies that come around to let you choose from.

Kake, Nick, and two others visited on a Friday lunchtime in April 2007. We were seated straight away and the trollies came round very quickly; we had a good selection of food on our table very soon after being ready to start choosing. The staff were careful to make sure our teacups and teapot were kept topped up at all times. We paid £63.30 (including the service charge, which they added automatically) for four hungry people, including tea but no alcohol.

Kake and friends visited again on a Thursday lunchtime in May 2007; a larger group, and slightly slower teapot-tending, but again we were happy. The stand-out dish was perhaps the pork and ginger dumplings; not at all an unusual item, just very well executed. The spicy sea snails are also worth a try, if only for the novelty of it. Fried sesame-coconut dessert dumplings were also good. £13 per head this time (including service charge and tea, no alcohol).

Nick and others visited on 20 March 2008; it was quite busy (possibly because it was Maundy Thursday), but despite relegating the 6 of us to an 8 table "round the back" and up a ramp, the trolleys still continued to visit, and the teapot was well tended. £11 a head (including service charge and tea, no alcohol).

Leon visited with five others on 29 May 2008 and was very disappointed. The quality of the food was much worse than previously and Leon is unlikely to return anytime soon.

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GPS data collected by Kake on a Garmin eTrex, 13 April 2007, and released into the public domain: OSGB 529750, 180781.

Last visited by Leon and other perlmongers, May 2008.

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