Bollywood Spice, SE14 6PP

Now closed; used to be a small Indian restaurant in New Cross. As of October 2008 the site is occupied by a place called Noodle & Rice.

The information below is retained for people who want to know what it used to be like.

Small Indian restaurant in New Cross; also offers takeaway and delivery.

Kake, Bob, and doop tried out the delivery option in May 2008. Although their website says they try to deliver within an hour and will notify you if there's a delay, our food took an hour and 40 minutes to arrive (counting from the time that the Hungry House site told us the order had been accepted), and there was no attempt to let us know it would be late.

Chicken chat (£3) was fine if a bit salty. Salmon dopiaza (£7) arrived swimming in a pool of oil, but the fish itself was fine, not too dry, not overcooked, and cut into large enough pieces that it could be lifted free of the surrounding grease; the large flabby onion pieces didn't really enhance the dish though. Lamb shatkora (£7) was quite good in Bob's opinion, and Kake noted that unlike the rest of the meal it actually had a bit of chilli heat to it. Bhindi mustard (£3.25) was unexciting but competent. We're not entirely sure what our second vegetable side was - we ordered what the Hungry House website had down as "vegetable mushroom" (£3.25), and it turned out to be a terrifyingly red (as in food colouring) and fairly sweet dish involving coconut and mostly unidentifiable vegetables; it wasn't bad, though. We also got a freebie potato dish, which was fine. Pilau rice (£2) turned out to be boiled rice with a few grains dyed red and green.

Kake's verdict: Might order from here again. It was nothing special, and we're not really short of curry delivery options around here.

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Food last sampled by Kake, Bob, and doop, 26 May 2008.
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