Picture of All Season Tandoori, E1 4UN

All Season Tandoori, E1 4UN

All Season Tandoori was an Indian/Bangladeshi delivery place on Mile End Road in Stepney. As far as we know, it has now closed.

Indian/Bangladeshi delivery place on Mile End Road in Stepney.

It appears to be part of some kind of catering or wholesale food business; there's no on-street frontage, and the premises is accessed via a yard set back from the main road. We don't know if it's possible to collect takeaway in person, and we seriously doubt they have any eat-in facilities. Online ordering is available from Urbanbite and from Hungry House.

Kake and bob ordered via Urbanbite on a Saturday evening in June 2009. Lamb chops (£2.90 for a starter portion of two) were very tough, and not very flavourful either. The accompanying flabby "fried" onions didn't help. Meat samosas (£1.90 for two) were better, flavourful and potatoey; the pastry was just right.

Jaintapuri lamb (£6) was also good, despite containing more of the flabby onions, and perhaps the best of all the dishes we tried. It had a fair bit of chilli heat, but also a good flavour, with cardamom pods apparent in the sauce. Most of the lamb pieces had a good balance of tenderness vs. texture, though some of them were a little tough.

Uri mas (a Bangladeshi fish dish, £6) was very salty, which made it difficult to assess properly (and unpleasant to eat). It appears from the internet that "uri" refers to a Bangladeshi vegetable which is chopped and used to flavour the sauce, while "mas" refers to fish. The fish here was in large pieces, not overcooked. The dish also contained a vegetable rather like giant mangetout; these were rather bland and limp.

Tarka dal (£2.50) was oversalted too, and also very heavy on the chilli heat; Kake suspects that like the oversalting, the chilli level was a mistake on the part of the kitchen rather than intentional. It was also quite oily.

Garlic and chilli vegetables (£4) were OK, but the vegetables themselves (carrots, peas, broad beans) were strongly reminiscent of frozen mixed vegetables. Brinjal bhaji (aubergine, £2.50) wasn't bad, but there was only just enough spice flavour to overcome the excess oiliness. Kodu saag (spinach with pumpkin, £2.50) was quite bland, as was onion rice (£2).

Kake's verdict: Disappointing.

bob's verdict: I actually quite liked most of it, though I didn't try the tarka dal. The garlic and chilli vegetables were great the next day.

Food last sampled by Kake and bob, 27 June 2009.
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