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Wholefood/organic shop very close to Kew Gardens Station. Like many such shops, it's a little expensive; Kake paid over £20 for picnic-type food for two people in August 2008, not including any drinks. Service was friendly though, and the selection was good.

Prepacked sandwiches, grain salads, etc, are available in a fridge at the front of the shop, handy if you're just popping in for something to eat on the run (though in good weather they also have a few tables out the front where you can sit and eat your purchases). The seaweed salad was disappointing; bland and lacking in flavour despite containing plenty of shredded carrots and other potentially-tasty things.

They also sell organic fruit and veg, bread, milk, cheeses, meats, olives, hummous and other such dips, crunchy snack food, baby food, bottled beers and ciders, wine, and soft drinks. The cheeses include a couple of British versions of non-British cheeses such as feta and brie, for those of you who care about food miles.

If shopping here, remember that Kew has gone plastic-bag-free, so bring your own (or buy one of the reusable "Turtle" bags on sale beside the checkout).

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Last visited by Kake, 6 August 2008.

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