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Cinema in the Bermondsey Square development in [[Locale Bermondsey|Bermondsey]]. It opened in May 2009 under the name Shortwave Cinema, but was renamed to Kino Bermondsey in 2017 after a change of ownership.
Cinema in the Bermondsey Square development in [[Locale Bermondsey|Bermondsey]], opened in May 2009.
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summary='Cinema in Bermondsey Square, previously known as Shortwave Cinema.'
summary='Cinema in Bermondsey Square.'

Cinema in the Bermondsey Square development in Bermondsey, opened in May 2009.

This is a single-screen cinema with capacity of 52, in four rows facing a moderately-sized screen. It shows a range of new arthouse and mainstream releases. Entrance is from the bar/cafe area out the front on one side of the screen. Because of the size of the room, audience members crossing to the far side will block the cinema image, but this isn't too much of an issue, and films are shown with adverts and trailers as per any standard first-run cinema.

The bar and cafe is a rectangular space like the cinema behind it, offering a few keg beers, as well as a better range of bottled beers (including a few local breweries), wines and ciders, as well as coffee and tea. There is a small selection of snacks and, on Ewan's 2014 visit, one cake (which was very nice, a chocolate and pear torte). The website also indicates they serve hot food, though I didn't verify this on my visit.

Tickets are purchased from the bar staff, as there is no separate box office.

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