Obelisk, E4 8DD

The Obelisk was a pub in Chingford. According to the Feb/Mar 2016 London Drinker, as of early 2016 it is closed and for sale, and it's not clear whether it will ever reopen.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

Pub in Chingford. It was previously part of the Bramwell Pub Company (formerly Barracuda), but following Bramwell's descent into administration, according to the April/May 2015 edition of London Drinker it's now owned by Parity Bars. We haven't visited since the change of ownership, so some of the information below may be out of date.

The decor is quite varied, with striped, diamond-patterned, and flocked wallpaper in different areas of the pub; some booth-like seating, some high tables, some normal tables, and a three-quarter-round banquette thing with velvet cushions. Chairs are tapestry-backed, and a swag curtain hangs between two of the booths. A sturdy staircase with carved balusters leads upwards in the middle of the pub.

Kake visited on a Tuesday afternoon in September 2011. There were a handful of other people in, sprinkled around the pub, including one party with small children. The flatscreens were showing Sky Sports football with the sound on very quietly, and music was playing somewhere towards the back of the pub, again quite quietly.

Although they have six handpumps, only two of them were on, offering Bombardier (£1.15/half) and Bass, a rather disappointing selection for a new Good Beer Guide entry.

Food is served from a chain-wide (Smith & Jones) menu, apparently all day.

Accessibility: No step to get in, and the ground floor is all on the same level. There's a RADAR-locked accessible toilet towards the back. Other toilets are on the first floor, up a flight of stairs with a u-turn in the middle and a sturdy handrail all the way up. One of the cubicles in the ladies' has a door that opens outwards.

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Last visited by Kake, September 2011.
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